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Reclaimer for stockyard

Reclaimers is one of the yard equipments used in bulk material handling applications for the iron & steel industry, power industry, port terminals, mining industry, petrochemical and fertilizers industries. Reclaimers is to recover bulk material such as ores and cereals from a stockpile for reclaiming, blending and homogenization of stockpiles.

Generally electrically powered by means of a trailing cable, reclaimers normally travel on a rail between stockpiles in the stockyard. A bucket wheel reclaimer can typically move in three directions: horizontally along the rail; vertically by luffing its boom and rotationally by slewing its boom.

Bucket wheel reclaimers use bucket wheels for removing material from the pile they are reclaiming. Scraper reclaimers use a series of scrapers on a chain to reclaim the material. Mobile no. 0086-18001505166 Tel:+86-519-519-81886887 Fax:+86-519-85163887
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