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New Development in Crane Industry
News types of Container Material Handling Equipment in Crane Industry to meet the Fast requirement.

1.Double 40ft container crane that can increase productivity by at least 50%.

2.Double trolley container crane with cab and trolley separable and linking that are applied for traditional terminals. Not can the semi-automatic container crane increase the productivity but also reduce operator's fatigue, as the cab and trolley can be separated each other.

3.Double trolley double 40ft container crane which can increase productivity by 100%. Under a certain condition, 80-100 units of 40ft containers can be ensured handled in an hour.

4.Many ports are concerned about Innovative Enviroment-Protection RTGs(Green RTGs),which you will see no black smoke, no enviroment pollution, no large oil consumption, and very low noise during operation.

5.Empty Container Automatic Yards are developed with new thinking manner, with high-efficiency, high reliability, and reasonable price features. The New Technology has sounded the clarion call to the container-yard automation in the world. Automation can not only save manpower, but also increase efficiency, reduce cost and ensure working safety.

6.Container crane with lifting capacity of 120T under spreader, which can hoist four 20ft overload containers at one time.

7.Modification of container crane with lifting capacity of 65t to double 40ft container crane, which can be applied for the retrofit of existing cranes at terminals.

8.New type Straddle Carrier, shuttle crarrier is developed for only carrying containers but not for stacking.

9.New binding method of containers on vessels, which is to eliminate the lock pin between containers, and greatly increase the container loading and offloading efficiency and the safety operation. Mobile no. 0086-18001505166 Tel:+86-519-519-81886887 Fax:+86-519-85163887
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