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Changzhou Cranes Mechanical Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.
Mobile no. 0086-18001505166
Tel: +86-519-81886887
Fax: +86-519-85163887
Add: No.8-20 Shunyuan road, Xinchen industrial park, Xuejia town, Xinbei district, Changzhou city, Jiangsu province, P.R.China.
Postalcode: 213125
Port Pedestal Cranes design and fabrication

Port Pedestal Crane is designed for loading and unloading work of all kinds of cargoes and bulk cargos(cooperate with grab) on mediocre ports with PLC controls and frequency conversion governor for customer's requirements.

The Port Pedestal crane main characteristics:

1.With large work sphere no need ship moving, which offers light in weight and wheel load, simple in structure, efficient, safety and reliable easy assembly and maintenance.

2.Horizontal displacement compensator of block and falls of single jib and slewing ring with fixed column is adopted, and the slewing mechanism offers slewing of 360 degrees.

3.The hoisting, slewing, luffing mechanisms can be operated individually or jointly, and the driving system of balancing luffing mechanism which consist of rope and pulley is simple in structure and light in weight.

4.Ball bearing is adopted for the slewing support structure of the crane. The driving unit of slewing mechanism consists motor, planetary reducer and big gear ring and etc. The limit moment coupling is able to protect the slewing mechanism against accidental knock when the crane is slewing.

5.The cab is of panoramic-view type, adopted heat insulation stratum and equipped shockproof air-conditioning. Environment of the cab is safety and comfortable. Mobile no. 0086-18001505166 Tel:+86-519-519-81886887 Fax:+86-519-85163887
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